Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Security monitoring, Hakatain residence, YC112.10.26

<Security record: 11:48 112.10.26 (EST)>
<Venue: Hakatain Residence, Korama III - Moon 8 - Ishukone Corporation Factory>
<Suite: Pilot V. Hakatain office complex, security antechamber>

Speakers in order of appearance in record
<Speaker: Trooper Garl Nathaka, Hakatain Estate private security forces>
<Speaker: Commander (ret.) Niva Yutsaysen, visitor>
<Speaker: Pilot Verin Hakatain.>

GN: Good morning ma'am. Commander Yutsaysen I presume?
NY: That's right.
GN: Do you have any weapons or other contraband to declare, ma'am?
NY: My sidearm.
GN: Thank you ma'am, just put it in this box please... and press your thumb here for biometric lock.... Thank you ma'am, you'll get it back when you leave. Would you please step into the blue square?


GN: Very good. Pilot? Commander Yutsaysen to see you sir.
VH: Let her in.
GN: Sir. Ma'am.
NY: Thank you.

<Record break>

<Venue: Hakatain Residence, Korama III - Moon 8 - Ishukone Corporation Factory>
<Suite: Pilot V. Hakatain office complex, Pilot Hakatain's office>
<record continues>

VH: Niva! 
NY: Hello again... sir.
VH: Come off it Suuli, I may require "sirs" and salutes from everyone else I employ, but never from you.
NY: *relieved sigh* Thanks, Verin.
VH: Come here, it's been six years. <they hug>
NY: I missed you too. Look at you! You look younger!
VH: Cloning does that to a man. And you look.... well okay, you look your age, but it's a distinguished look.
NY: Thanks. Distinguished. You're too kind, Suuli. 
VH: <laughs> drink? 
NY: Vodka?
VH: Coming up. 

<silence for 0:45m, sound of drinks being poured>

VH: Kanpani!
NY: Moitte!
VH: So what the hell happened? I figured if someone cut you in half they'd find the star-and-bars printed down the middle. Why'd you retire?
NY: I, uhm... I was court martialled.
VH: yes, I know

<Silence for 0:05m>

NY: ...Spast! Verin, that's classified! how did you...? 
VH: I'm enormously wealthy, that's how.
NY: You bribed a House of Records librarian?
VH: No, of course I didn't.
NY: But in that case how...?
VH: Not relevant right now. Look, I know you Niva. You're a Navy officer on the cellular level. Your trial was obviously corrupt, I can see that just from the record. But the Niva Yutsaysen I know would NOT choose resignation over demotion, corrupt court martial be damned. So why'd you retire?

<Silence for 0:10m>

NY: They... forced me.
VH: forced?
NY: I... well, I expressed an opinion about the Provists in confidence to my superior officer. I had some misgivings about the militia war, and mentioned them off the record.
VH: I see.
NY: Next thing I know, they're court-martialling me over the Tama incident, and a Provist agent walked into my office. He said that he'd arrange for the sentence to be lenient if I agreed to resign. If I broke the deal... well, he said something about how capsuleers will happily shoot at anything for money, and how it's amazing how easily a ship's escape pods can be...
VH: I get the picture. A ship full of good people would have died.
NY: So... yes, they forced me.
VH: *sighs* The dumb fucks would shoot the whole State in the heart to save its little toe.
NY: Anyway, I saw you had a position available for XO on a Chimera-class and... you know, it's you, and I've always wanted to serve on one of those things...
VH: You signing on with me is really going to piss them off, you know.
NY: Yes.
VH: <laughs> you have been warned. Alright Niva, you're hired. Report for duty ASAP, the Dissonance Vector needs a crew. That'll be your first assignment.
NY: *relieved sigh* Thanks, Verin.
VH: <good-natured humour> dismissed, commander.
NY: <laughs and salutes> Sir!

VH: Oh, one last thing Niva. 
NY: Yes?
VH: I know that the Provist agent gave you other orders besides resigning. I don't care what they are, you should forget them.
NY: ...huh?
VH: I have a social adaptation chip and capsuleer social training. I can read every nuance of your body language, expression and vocal stress patterns. You cannot lie to me, Niva, and you cannot conceal the truth.
NY: Verin...
VH: You are an old friend, and whatever they threatened, I can and WILL protect you.
NY: ...thank you.

<NY leaves the office>

VH: That... is going to be a problem. 

<Recording terminated>
<Recording marked for personal archives>
<File ends>

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