Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Journal: 112.10.27

The Provists did the State a huge disservice when they forced Niva to retire. She's the finest damn officer I've ever hired.

It's been 24 hours and already all the major section chief positions are filled, at a high quality. She's been taking into account personality compatibility, and drawing from non-Caldari sources if it means getting a quality chief who's good for the job. She's picked a Thukker for the flight deck officer, my security chief is Jin-Mei, and Engineering is now the doman of a Ni-Kunni.

The biggest score, however? Fighter pilots. Ex-Navy fighter pilots, not the usual fare of terminally ill civilians who get hired, given a crash-course and a barrage of medication to make sure they survive long enough to be useful. Because it turns out that the Provists have been busy shooting holes in the Navy pretty much since day one, and there are a lot of quality officers and personnel - up to and including a whole fifteen-man fighter squadron - who were waiting for an opportunity like this.

She says they trust her, and that she has faith that I won't waste their lives. I hope I prove worthy of that faith.

Save. end.

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