Friday, 22 October 2010

Journal: 112.10.22

Clone jumping...

from one very technical perspective, it actually consists of deliberately killing myself so I can flit half-way across New Eden in a single Planck time.

Of course, I'm a capsuleer. Dying and waking up again an instant later is sort of what I do.

Anyway, in this case I'm doing it because I need skillbooks. A LOT of skillbooks, and expensive ones to boot.

Because in thirteen hours, my neural structure will finish profiling itself to maximise my ability to interface with drones, and the last obstacles between me and capital ship piloting will be... the actual capital ship skills. Except that all of those skillbooks are absent from the regional market, so I need to jump down to empire and collect them myself. 

Fifty hours from now, I could make the return journey via my own private jump engine if I wanted.

but it doesn't stop there, because BLAST has a peculiar love/hate relationship with shield-tanked ships like, say, a Chimera. So immediately after I've got settled into the carrier I want, I'll need to finish my Amarr battleships training so I can squeeze into an Archon, though I'm damned if I'll stoop to buying one of those god-bothering piles of spangly junk. The corporation can damn well requisition one for me if necessary. And the same goes for the Revelation they'll inevitably ask me to get too. I'd much rather have a Phoenix.

So, I'll go from having zero capital ship piloting skills (unless you count the freighter) to being able to pilot a quarter of all the military capital hardware in New Eden in the space of a month.

Hopefully, maximising those skills should mean I won't have to worry about my next training agenda for a long, long time.

Save. End.


Begin postscript.

Of course, what I wasn't aware of was that the skill books cost more than the carrier. I can afford it, but this is still going to hit my wallet harder than I was expecting.

Save postscript and end.

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