Monday, 25 October 2010

Journal: 112.10.25 (2)

There's only one position I ever bother with personally filling on my crew - Executive Officer.

From there on in, the rest of the crew is their problem. So, I have to choose well.

This morning has been the day for that. Seventeen applicants, all with perfectly good credentials... and then a name jumped out at me.

Niva Yutsaysen.

There are a lot of people in the State... it couldn't be the same person ...could it?

Turned out it was. Lieutenant Niva Matrenka Yutsaysen herself, except she made Commander at some point since I last saw her. A woman I would have sworn was going to wear the star-and-bars her whole life, applying for a Capsuleer's XO position?

My XO position? On the biggest combat ship I've ever purchased? 

So, I have to get her into my office. There are millions of people working for the Caldari Navy, and hundreds of thousands of capsuleers in the sky. There's just no way that one of my old classmates is applying for the job at random.

She'd be perfect for the role. And that makes me suspicious.

Save. End.

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