Thursday, 21 October 2010

Journal: 112.10.21

The River.

I can only assume Cia told me about it before, and my brain did all the thinking without involving me in the process. Spirits know, I set out to produce something appropriate for her, but I didn't think I knew her that well to be able to nail it on the first try.

Kigurosaka, in other words. literally, "flowing smoothly with the stream". Intuition. Hyperconsciousness.

It always amazes me how light years of separation can produce cultural takes on the same basic idea that are superficially nothing alike but, seen from the right angle, in the right light, in the right frame of mind, are wholly identical. The same idea, malleable, folded and hammered and bent until it'll fit minds of different shapes. Changed in form by the variety of heads that carry it, but still the same idea.

History moves in cycles. What has been before will be again. "In a past life, I was...". closed time-like curves, curved space-time... No beginning and no end, and never still, and always and never the same.

We live in just one loop of the infinite cycles of death and rebirth. It doesn't matter what you believe, because all beliefs are the same. Those who die in the glorious service of God are reborn in His kingdom. We pass on to join our Ancestors and live on through our descendants. We go, and come back. We are in the River, and the River is in us...

I don't know why I didn't see it before. Even being a capsuleer, knowing the quantum and physical processes that let me hop bodies all over New Eden, or die in a firefight and get back in a ship mere minutes later... it's all part of that same cosmic loop of reincarnation.

I wish I knew what the Minmatar believed in. I should find out, some day. Even if the idea at the heart of it all is identical to all the others... look at things from different angles, and your perspectives shift. The more you know, the more you understand.

If we confine ourselves to one point of view, we become blind. Only in embracing the other can we begin to know ourselves. There is one truth, but ALL interpretations of that truth must be valid, or else none are.

That truth is very simple:

This is not all that there is. We are more than we seem to be.

Save. End.

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