Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Journal: YC114.12.19

After a five-year career, the HDS Penumbra finally blew up today.

That ship and I went through a lot. Spying on Morsus Mihi titan bridge ops in Fountain, running gate camps in Paragon Soul, a trip to the depths of W-space and back, several cyno beacons in hostile territory, taking on four hostile HACs at once and surviving...

Combined Harvest asked Andreus Ixiris to FC the escort for four jump freighters full of humanitarian aid to Evaulon. He asked me to be their cyno. Simple enough gig, but high-risk. I asked for crew volunteers, every last one of the 536 crew stepped up.

The beacon was flawless. All four of the freighters landed inside the station's docking tractor beam range and promptly docked, safely. Successful op, huge amounts of medicine, food, and all the other stuff those people need.

Then, with ten seconds to go before the beacon timed out and I was able to dock... blam. Pirate fleet. I went down instantly. The poor bastards waiting in the inner core escape pods didn't stand a chance.

407 dead. 90 wounded. A fine ship's long and illustrious career finally ended.

But we got the aid through - all fifty billion Kredits of it. I hope it was worth it.

Save. End.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Journal: YC114.12.11

So. The new bounty system is in place.

My first bounty was within about six hours of the CONCORD bill going through. Just for fun, Aphoxema G slapped me with 100K.

Then another 100K for my beard.

Then Malcanis gave me another 100K just because.

So far, so funny and harmless.

Then somebody decided to slap Re-Awakened with a 100 million ISK corporate bounty via an anonymous third party service.

Okay, that's a slightly more serious sum of money. It might tip somebody's mental calculations in favor of a suicide strike on my freighter, the Zaibatsu. We decided to hold a corp tournament to have fun, work the bounty off a bit and sharpen our combat skills - very ReAw.

I woke up this morning to discover that overnight an individual named Toros Culzean has decided to place a billion Kredits on my head, with no explanation. I don't even know the guy. Can't remember ever talking to him.

Why? It turns out that last night there was what I am told is being called "Verin Fangirl Hour" on the Summit. And this person apparently didn't like it. He one billion InterStellar Kredits didn't like it.

I have no idea whether to find the situation hilarious or not.

...Okay, that's not quite accurate. I DO find the situation hilarious. The question is whether or not I should.

So I sold the freighter at a net 600 million ISK profit. No point in keeping it mothballed while I'm working off that billion, it's going to take a while.

Save. End.