Monday, 24 February 2014

Journal: YC116.02.24

As ways to acquire a Tengu go, liberating it from the wreckage of an abandoned POS deep in W-space has to rank among the very best.

All those shiny modules had to go of course. Core 100MN afterburner and Pithi this and Dread Guristas that and True Sansha the other. All stripped out and sold, floated on the market in Amarr for whoever's got the disposable income and cognitive impairment to want them. Pity it all went into the corp wallet rather than mine.

Honestly, who leaves a strategic cruiser with more than a billion ISK of modules on it languishing at some fuel-empty dead stick in phase three space? And that's just my claim from the whole op. The corp made out like bandits.

I've called her the "Heathen", and I am thoroughly looking forward to flying her into battle. Sure, she'll pop eventually, but that's got to be a more noble end for a warship like this than gathering dust in some forgotten Ship Maintenance Array.

Save. End.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Correspondence Log: YC116.02.01


[19:28:55] Katrina Oniseki > You wanted to speak. In recognition of your service to Ishukone Watch, I will grant you an audience.

[19:29:39] Yakiya Verin Hakatain > we have a fundamental disagreement on something, I think, and it is this - I feel that one thing the Watch taught me, along with all the corporations I have since joined and flown for in all walks of life, that you do not have to agree with a corporation's politics in order to work for them. But - if you work for them, you at least have the opportunity to change matters. I have been in ALXVP for two months and I am already a subcoordinator. I'm leadership now. I have direct input into our policies, standings, direction and philosophy. And I have, from the day I joined, made clear my objection to our blue standings with TS-F. I am in a position where, with a little pressure, I can probably effect a change in that standing. I am, in short, working to change this corporation for the better, and do not appreciate having my Heiian questioned simply because I prefer not to publicly discuss my reasons for every move I make. You have offended and hurt me, Oniseki-haani. Not without reason, but I would have at least expected to be demanded an explanation of rather than simply "written off"... Piece said.

[19:36:26] KO > You'll have to forgive my lack of interest in guessing the individual motives of every person joining an entity like ALXVP. You joined them, they are supporters of Nation, and I will treat all who make the same decision as you the same. Until I am given verifiable proof that they are acting against the best interests of Nation, they - or any individuals joining them - will be treated as Nation supporters by default. If you are an infiltrator or activist, so be it. Best of luck to you. Just keep in mind that while you fly their flag, you will be treated under its colors.

[19:38:46] YVH > .... I assume you're familiar with Silver Night and Ciarente Roth?

[19:39:43] KO > Vaguely.

[19:40:02] YVH > Naqam. The pro-Sansha corporation of times past. Prominent members of Shaktipat Revelators to this day, but not exactly large in numbers these days. Why are Silver and Cia no longer members? Because I won, Katrina. Because over the course of some three years I finally managed to turn them around, make them see that they'd been charmed by a monster. I have struck wounding blows against Nation. Stripped it of some of its most vocal and charismatic Capsuleer advocates. And I aim to repeat that performance here. Please do not be so naive as to assume that the world is made of absolutes and that wearing the corporate lapel pin suddenly makes me an ally of the one adversary I have held consistently since I flew my first Ibis. I have been fighting Nation since you were a teenager.

[19:45:11] KO > Condescending personal remarks will not help you find my support. I am listening. Try not to test my patience.

[19:45:42] YVH > you miss the point. Eight years. Eight. Look me in the eye and tell me you honestly think I'd throw that away?

[19:46:52] KO > I am looking you in the eye, and I've seen others throw away far more. It is not unheard of. It is actually very common. I do not know you. I don't presume to know you. So because I cannot assume your motives on personal experience, I treat your motives from an outside perspective. As you so eloquently point out, I was but an anklebiter when you succeeded so gloriously with those other two. After all, you had to tell me just now, did you not?

[19:49:13] YVH > You... make a valid point.

[19:50:25] KO > If you succeed in your goals there, I will eat my words. In the meantime, I will try to not make my campaign against ALXVP include you directly. That is all I can offer until you have results. Resistance against Nation will be rewarded, Verin. Let them all know that.

[19:51:24] YVH > That is all I ask for - a fair hearing. That, and the understanding that I don't expect overnight results

[19:53:30] KO > Mhm.

[19:54:28] YVH > I'd also> ask the same for my corp-mates. They're good people.  A little misguided in who they trust maybe, but that's no crime in my book. Just a fair hearing - no more than that.

[19:56:09] KO > You must be joking. I am not going to sit through a conversation with fifty people individually. If the whole corp wishes to be given respite, they can make a diplomatic overture to Ishuk-Raata.

[19:57:22] YVH > well, yes. that's what I meant

[19:57:59] KO > Demands will not be easy to swallow, Verin. Make sure they are aware of that. I give no quarter in the war against Nation. They're either with us, or with them.

[19:58:41] YVH > is Ishukone with the State or the Federation? We both know the answer to that question,of course.

[19:59:06] KO > This has nothing to do with the Federation.

[19:59:17] YVH > indeed, but it's a useful reflection

[19:59:35] KO > No, it's quite the opposite. The political realities between them are entirely different.

[20:00:17] YVH > elements of two sworn enemies working together in a local and small way for their own side's best interest?

[20:01:00] KO > Elaborate.

[20:01:14] YVH > Indeed, but that's what's happening in Intaki and on Home, and it's an example I've taken note of.

[20:02:07] KO > The Federation is not our 'sworn enemy' of the State. It is the 'sworn enemy' of Templis Dragonaurs and Tibus Heth.

[20:02:29] YVH > I don't agree with "with us or with them" absolutism. And as you say, that exact dualism was a hallmark of the Provists.

[20:02:54] KO > The Federation are an irritating and backwards thorn in our side. They are mouthly, meddling, foolish, and disgusting in many many ways... but they are not our "sworn enemy". They are - literally - the red-headed cousin.

[20:03:16] YVH > I agree. Others in the State don't, even in the post-Heth age.

[20:03:23] KO > The Federation was not actively invading and lifting billions off planets when Tibus Heth made his speech. Nation is.

[20:03:33] YVH > I know. ALXVP is not.

[20:03:41] KO > And ALXVP is blue to Nation. Until that changes, Ishuk-Raata will not consider lifting the hostile tag.

[20:04:00] YVH > Sure. And I'm not asking you to

[20:05:38] KO > So what do you want? For me to be 'nice' to them? To pat them on the back and giggle lightly at their strange politics? Sure, I'm willing to do that... after they drop their connections with Nation.

[20:06:29] YVH > the corp? No. Voice your disapproval as loudly and as rationally as you can, because the Winds know that somebody needs to. I'll back you up even. I'm asking that you not write off the people. Me included.

[20:06:50] KO > See, the difference here is that you are assuring me you've already done so. In fact, you've assured me you're willing to disobey corporate policy and attack Nation on sight.

[20:07:42] YVH > In many other corps, such brazen disrespect for corporate policy would result in disciplinary action. Instead, I've been promoted, very rapidly indeed.

[20:07:56] KO > Likely for other reasons... Nonetheless, I think we understand each other clearly enough.

[20:08:19] YVH > Aye. And I thank you for your time.

[20:08:33] KO > You alone will have your respite, Verin. The others will need to earn it. Uaaka ti moitte.

+++END OF LOG+++

That went well, I thought.

Save. End.