Sunday, 24 October 2010

Journal: 112.10.24

Yesterday was a day off. Just family time.

Dad's recovery has been remarkable, I would have given him a prognosis for lifelong dependency on some kind of mobility rig when we began the nanite therapy but here we are and he's gardening and keeping busy looking after the family investments and going for his usual nightly walk - and spirits help me if those aren't a pain to keep secure. The only sign there was ever anything wrong is how quickly he gets tired, and even that's fading with time.

I didn't get to see Meera unfortunately - she's just too busy looking after Naia, and volunteering at the creche. I wonder what the director of that creche would think if she knew one of the volunteers had a team of elite shadow operatives watching over her 23/7.  That at any second, men could just appear, bust through a steel bulkhead and sweep her to safety. They're under orders to be on a hair trigger when she's at the creche - extracting her instantly would be safest both for her and for the kids.

Then there's Sinikka, who took me shopping, under the sisterly pretence that I need to expand my wardrobe. And to be fair, mine DID expand more than hers did.

Cheap and unhealthy takeaway food delivered to the estate, and the Kuonela Trophy semi-finals between the Jita Four-Fours and the Sobaseki Sentinels on the Echelon Splinterz feed.

And in the back of my mind, every so often throughout the day, that uncomfortable "mental sneeze" feeling of another skill level tying up the loose ends and finalizing the changes to my neural structure. I don't know why AURA bothers to alert me every time a skill training program completes. I always know.

I had a good day, in other words. One of precious few.

Save. End.

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