Thursday, 28 July 2011

Journal: 113.07.28

The presence of an Ishukone station in Eygfe is proving to be just what I needed, a touch of home away from home. having an actual Uuskyounto shrine to visit and pray at is so much better than making do with incense and candles in my quarters. That metallic Matari flooring is uncomfortable to kneel on.

What makes it even better is that Nicole is joining ReAw, which I'm grateful for. Marriages work better when the two halves of it aren't at opposite ends of highsec.

Aato's taken leave for the first time ever. I know it's none of my business, but I can't help wondering what's prompted it. three and a half years without taking even a single day off except when ordered to on medical grounds, and suddenly she applies for a whole month. I told her she could consider her leave time open-ended.

Considering what her profession was before she became my bodyguard, it's probably best if I don't know what she's up to.

Save. End.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Journal: YC113.07.23

I think I need to educate some of my troops on the meaning of the words "low profile". What a mess.

Save. End.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Journal: 113.07.20

Dad's funeral was this morning. It helped more than I thought it would. Just... making a point of saying a loving goodbye, of hearing some words of comfort, of having friends and family in support. Helped.

And now, for the next... eight hours or so, Sinikka is in surgery, getting her Capsuleer implants and ascending to the ranks of the pod pilots.

On the one hand, it's a comfort to know that my Shenane will be just as indestructible as I am, that she'll be around for as long as we choose to be.

On the other hand, I can't help but worry. It's an invasive procedure, becoming a capsuleer. The process has changed since I got my implants, though. Now they don't worry about most of the implants, they just prepare a clone body full of them for you, then Infomorph you straight over. It's an uncomfortable thought, like getting podded before even stepping into the pod.

But it's apparently got a much, much higher success and safety rate. Nearly 100%. 

Nearly. And because she's my sister, I worry about that tiny uncertainty more than I should.

Save. End.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Legal Documentation - YC113.07.16

Legal document recorded YC113.03.23.
Witnessed: Juin Assuosen, of Assuosen, Mikeske and Ono Solicitors.
Record begins:

I, Mattias Iroh Kuwabi Hakatain, declare that I am in full possession of my faculties both mental and physical, and that I am therefore able in the eyes of State, Region and Corporate law to record this, my Will of Bequests, to be read following my death.

This will is accompanied by a personal message for each of the named recipients, to be delivered at the reading or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible.

First bequest: To Menjen Assesiaka, proprietor and owner of the “Rock-Jack's Rest” bar, Korama III - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory, I leave one hundred thousand Interstellar Kredits, the flawed Neophite crystal she always claimed I made up, and the recipe for my popular “Kernite Fire Noodles”. The secret is to paste the shrip with a shot of single-malt whisky.

Second bequest: To my three good friends, drinking buddies and poker adversaries, Mejenes Saal, Yakiya Vaskuuki and Iina Pastat I leave the sum of one hundred thousand Interstellar Kredits apiece, and a deluxe InterBus one month “Homeworld Tour” of Caldari Prime apiece. To Iina, I further leave my collection of “Sela Sentinels” Splinterz team memorabilia. To Mejenes, I further leave my poker chips, and to Yakiya, I further leave however much of my collection of YC77 Arcurio whisky remains unconsumed.

Third bequest: to the Servant Sisters of EVE, I leave fifty million Interstellar Kredits. My life would have been much shorter without you.

Fourth bequest: To my grand-daughter, Atra Naiavi Kyatina Hakatain, I bequeath an inheritance to the sum of ten million Interstellar Kredits, to be kept and invested in her name by the State and Region Bank until she comes of age.

Fifth bequest: To my beloved daughter Eska Sinikka Vellamo Hakatain – I release you from your oath, and leave you twenty million Interstellar Kredits with which to walk the path of your choosing, plus my controlling interest in the family holdings corporation.

Sixth bequest: To my dearest daughter Tellervo Meera Ajattara Hakatain and her husband Tonttu Veikko Vainam Jallinoja, I bequeath equally all the remainder of my estate, assets and property.

Seventh bequest: To my son Verin, in accordance with his own demand, I leave nothing save my promise to love and guide him even more than our ancestors already do, now that I am one of them.

This concludes the record of my final bequests.


Message Enclosed - for the eyes of Yakiya Verin Gariova Hakatain only.
Message reads:

I'm proud of you.


End document.
Document Archived.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Journal: YC113.07.11

"Oh, for Fortune's sake. Shave a clone, if it's a real problem. No-one has any experience with two-year olds until they have one, Verin. Your sister is probably feeling exactly the same way you are now, except every single day. I'll even lend you a nanny."

Cia has never told me off before.

I'm proud of her.

Save. End.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Journal: YC113.07.08

A certain Doctor Hilen Tukoss has opened a channel to pick the brains of any capsuleers who feel like having their brains picked.

I turned up late to the party, but Camille happily sent me the logs of the conversation as she'd been listening in on (and, being Camille, commenting on).

The logs record a little over two hours of conversation. During which time Doctor Tukoss spoke ninety-three times and communicated... precisely nothing. no theories, no observations, no hints, not so much as a single stray opinion.

While "Speaking without communicating" is a valuable skill that any higher-up in a State corporation will have learned well, it does rather make me wonder if maybe he actually knows less than we do and is trying to get as many capsuleers as possible to share their pet theories by way of research. We're the ones who spend any time at all out there, living, working and learning after all.

Which would mean that the Megas are even more stumped than we are. Encouraging.

I found the name of the channel he created very intriguing, however. "Arek'Jaalan" which, if you cut out the Lonetrek slang and render it in proper Napaani becomes "Arekaini Jaalanat" - "To create dissidents". or maybe Arekainiku, "creating". It's hard to tell with Lonetrek "throat infection" Vernacular. 

Either way, it looks like the man's taking his defection to the Republic very seriously. And I note that nobody in the logs actually asked him the obvious question: "why?" 

I may need to correct that oversight.

Save. End.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Journal: YC113.07.06

If Cia has a flaw, it's a tendency to hen-peck me about every last little thing that might indicate an iota of risk to my person. Unidentified vapour coming from a ceiling vent in my quarters, contact Maintenance (turned out to be water mist used to humidify the air). Spinal socket implants are itchy, call Medical. It's entirely reasonable that I'm forbidden from having a cigar while visiting her hab, there are kids living there after all, but I think I should be allowed to light up in the privacy of my own quarters without a slight note of reproach entering her voice over the comms.

I'll refrain from smoking in her actual presence I guess. If it makes her that uncomfortable. I guess she figures that just because my body is expandable doesn't mean I should be cavalier with it. I figure I'm not being cavalier, just realistic when I acknowledge that the average lifespan of my clones is measured in months, and that's a healthy life expectancy for one of a capsuleer's serial incarnations.

Of course, if I have a flaw, it's a tendency to be a little too... parental? Teacherly? I give her advice when she hasn't asked for it and quite possible doesn't need it. Sure I'd find that annoying if I was on the receiving end of it.

Easier to acknowledge and think about stopping than it is to actually stop, of course. I just hope she doesn't mind too much.

Save. End.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Journal: 113.07.04

I haven't found the time to sculpt anything in a few weeks now. My fingers are itching for something to do.

Something other than that Sansha armour plating though. I've worked in that enough for now. besides, it's too easy to cut my fingers on.


Query: Personal Hangar 27 contents, criteria: homogeneous transparent/semi-transparent/crystalline materials, hardness >2 Mohs, non-hazardous, volume >208mm3. Execute.


Return - Hangar contents matching search criteria as follows:

8x laser ammunition crystal, Aurora L, used.
14x laser ammunition crystal, Aurora M, used.
10x laser ammunition crystal, Gleam M, used.
1x laser ammunition crystal, True Sansha Microwave S, pristine.
6x glass bottles, Quafe Zero.
1x Current Pump, defective.
1x ship auxiliary armour plating module, crystalline carbonide, 50mm.
100,800 x industrial units refined electronics-grade silicone crystals (38,304 m3).

Return - close non-matching items as follows

11x assorted scrap metal.
3x ship main structural spars, alloyed tritanium.
630x tungsten carbide sheets.
375x standard ore measures, Omber.
310x standard ore measures, Silvery Omber.
162x standard ore measures, Golden Omber.
1x dog tags, True Sansha, Copper.
43x zydrine crystals.

...ammo crystal maybe?

Or I could actually do something artistic with those Quafe bottles. Not like I'm planning to drink that filth.

Save. End.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Journal: 113.07.01

been doing some research into expanding my planetary leverage beyond just churning out a huge number of self-harmonizing power cores  and instead looking into maybe using those power cores to build stuff.

For reference purposes, looked at the requirements for an Infrastructure Hub and realized that I produce power cores at such a rate that I meet the requirements for a basic, unimproved blueprint's schematic once a day, and still have a surplus.

I'm thinking maybe I should look into starting a starbase construction initiative. POS towers, shipyards, Sov Blockade Units, something along those lines.

Lot of research to do. Guess I'll have Skyshatter prepped for a tour of New Eden starting Tuesday so I can do a round-trip and judge volume shifted in the four major trade hub regions, average trading price, do a cost/benefit analysis, give a business plan to Cia and see what she thinks.

After the weekend. Family time is important.

Save. End.