Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Journal: 113.02.02

I just saw a health report on my primary clone, the one with the knee that needed therapy. The knee's healed up perfectly, like there was never anything wrong with it, but something stood out at me.

Yesterday, I had a Siege Warfare Mindlink implant installed. That one implant now means that the total mass of cybernetics attached to my nervous system now weighs more than the nervous system itself does. a lot of my skull is now artificial. My brain stem and spinal cord are both sheathed in Graphene. There's not a single structure of my brain that hasn't been penetrated by the filaments of my piloting implants, or the connectors of my neural enhancers.

Just the other day, Cia asked me... something about how I'd drawn a conclusion about something else. I just tapped my forehead, where the ortheoplastic of my skull was replaced to make room for the social adaptation chip.

It's funny. When I think of the word "cyborg", I think of something like a True Slave, or maybe of Amieta Invelen. Of a human with obvious external synthetic components. But of course, I'm a cyborg too. Doesn't matter that the outside looks like a totally normal human (aside from the plugs down my spine). The fact that my nervous system contains a couple of Ukomi superconductors says everything.

It alters the way you think, too. I can read the tiniest nuance of people's expression and body language. I can efficiently multi-task, recall almost any fact I've been exposed to, calculate some extremely high prime numbers in my head, and I reckon it'll be a cold day in heaven before somebody sneaks up on me. Those kinds of advantages don't have an overt effect on my thought process, but I bet they've been an influence.

So, most likely, has the fact that I can fly capital ships with my brain.

Save. End.

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