Thursday, 3 February 2011

Delivery Invoice

Hosoras Varnen Salvage Co.
Salvage vessel "Kalienta"
Based in Akkilen system

Date: 113.02.03

Thank you for your order, Mr. Hakatain!

Customer: V. Hakatain, Hakatain Dynasty Holdings Ltd.

Invoice address: 
Hakatain Dynasty Holdings Ltd.
9-17, 14th block
Deck 11, Section D
Korama III - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
Sela Constellation
LS114 338FD

Order Summary: 

Job code: 100-8636187222-7921

10Kg assorted scrap metal
1Kg assorted scrap electronics
Source: Wreckage of supercapital-class vessel "The Kundalini Manifest", destroyed Ukkalen system, YC113.02.02

Subtotal of items: 187.45 KCS (0.02 ISK)
Total for this order:  187.45 KCS (0.02 ISK)

Thank you for using Hosoras Varnen Salvage!

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