Sunday, 20 February 2011

Journal: 113.02.20

Eleven days since my last entry. Technically, there's a lot to talk about - my ongoing confusion about my relationship with Nicole, the way I've not spoken with my friends in a week...

Or the reason for that, which is that Meera and Veikko are getting divorced. She was cheating on him.

My own little sister, cheating on the father of her child. I think I might just be more angry with her than Veikko is. Sinikka won't even talk to her.

Dad... got quiet. And looked old. As old as he looked in the wheelchair during his cancer scare. Old enough that it's hard to remember that he's only twenty years my senior.

I'm the only one Meera's talking to at the moment. As mad as I am with her, I'm still big brother, and big brother's there for his sisters, no matter what they've done.  She's a wreck, and she knows it's her fault, but she's torn between two men she loves. Or claims to, at least.

I'm the only one Veikko's talking to, too. I've seen a man look that miserable before, but this is the first time he's not been on the far side of a mirror. We spent a couple of nights round my place getting fraternally drunk and watching Splinterz, in true male bonding fashion. Oh, and discussing how he's coping, whether or not he's doing the right thing by divorcing her, working things out. I don't think he wants to, I think he feels he ought to.

And my niece is staying with Grandpa and Aunty Sinikka right now, confused and stressed and unhappy. but Aunty S is damn good at keeping her distracted.

Dancing through that minefield's left no time for the day job. Hope I can get back out there soon... There's always an Incursion somewhere, and it kind of feels like a dereliction of duty not to be there, fighting them off.

But I guess it would be a dereliction of duty not to be here for the people I love when they need me.

Speaking of, I need to chat with Dad, get his take on it all. I'll go walking with him tonight.

Save. End.

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