Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Journal: 113.02.09

It's been the night I dreamed of for six months. The night of our reunion. We kept it simple. A dinner for two in the VIP room of a restaurant on Saisio I don't even know the name of. The Executive suite at a hotel, not her father's place. She's asleep now... I can't sleep.

I think I'm going to find it a little awkward for a while. My love for her shifted while she was gone. It became love-in-absence. The intensity just isn't there any longer, and the new intensity of feeling stems from relief and the sheer joy of her presence, not from...

For her, it's like the last time she saw me was only a week ago. But I've had six months of coping with her being missing. Six months of... I don't know, mourning? Coming to terms? Those six months have changed how I feel about us and about her. And about myself.

But gods, here she is. She got thin in that Sisters hospital. Thin but fit. All the curves are gone. She's different behind the eyes, too. Not quite the same Nicole that I remember. Not quite.

Save. End.

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