Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Journal: 112.02.22

Thirty straight hours plugged in. been a LONG time since I last did that. Think the last time was Deklein, the MC fight.

Made me wax all goddamn nostalgic, despite the pain in my back from being curled up too long, or the disarming, itchy too-softness of my skin where it'd gotten fat with water from the pod gel. Or the strange heat behind my eyes from the stimulants that kept me awake, and the gnawing emptiness in my gut from spending more than a day on IV nutrition.

All gone now, of course. A round in the gym, a hot shower, a solid meal with an ice-cold beer and eight hours of sleep. Not to mention the satisfaction of a wallet plumped out with the rewards showered on me by a grateful CONCORD and the deeper satisfaction of knowing everyone at the Roth estate got out safely.

Aato and everyone on the HDH task force that secured Debreth and kept it safe for the duration are getting a big fat hazard pay bonus. Fuck knows what Aato'll spend hers on, she's far too professional to let her boss into her private life. And I'm too professional to pry where she obviously doesn't want me to be.

I don't think she likes capsuleers much. She's just happy to take our money I guess.

Save. End.

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