Sunday, 30 January 2011

Journal: 113.01.30

I'm considering what kind of ship to use for dealing with Incursions. Right now, if I get involved, it'll be as a pick-up member of any fleets, which carries a few challenges.

It's going to need to be something solid, of course. Something that can put up with the firepower. Or at least that can stay alive long enough to convince the Sansha to find a new primary target.

It needs to be cheap - I want to be able to afford losing it to Sansha tactics or to pod pilot treachery, as will inevitably happen.

And it needs to have some pretty heavy-duty firepower. The faster we can kill the bastards, the less they can bring to bear against our ships.

I'm leaning very strongly in favour of a Raven...

Save. End.

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