Friday, 28 January 2011

Journal: 113.01.28 Entry 2

Took Meera and Sinikka to a Splinterz game, leaving Atra in her dad's care for the evening. Still can't believe my brother-in-law doesn't like Splinterz. My opinion of the man is worsened (heh.)

I always drop some Ishukone scrip on the team with the longer odds. Quite a lot of scrip, in fact. About five ISK's-worth. Tonight, that money was riding on the Ichoriya Sentinels. After all, how well is a team from Black Rise going to do against the New Caldari Patriots? Loooong odds.

The fact that they hammered the Patriots down four places in the league table means that the bookmaker at that match... well, he's probably not crying because most everyone will have bet on New Caldari. But I bet the huge payout he had to give me stings a bit.

I put it into the fund for maintaining the Malkalen memorial. 

Save. End.

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