Friday, 28 January 2011

Journal: 113.01.28

I was in Algintal when the supercarrier handling the incursion across the whole constellation was destroyed.

In fact, I'd only just warped out thanks to a pack of Sansha frigates engaging me, so I didn't witness the event itself.

Looks like there was a rush of activity on the local data channels as CONCORD deployed hunter-seeker algorithms into them to rip out the last vestiges of the Nation infiltration software the moment the supercarrier wasn't around to fight them off. My fluid router couldn't cope and had to reboot

And that was it. Normalcy restored, the system got back to business with admirable speed and efficiency. The all-clear was sounded,  traders started flying again, gate patrols were resumed.... Like nothing had happened.

But the whole of New Eden knows that Algintal couldn't have been freed without us Capsuleers. In one flurry of missiles and gunfire, we went from being the grisly engine of conflict that drives New Eden's economy, to being its avenging protectors. We're big damn heroes now, and they'll never forget it.

We have a constructive purpose now. So, neither will I.

Save. end.

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