Saturday, 1 January 2011

Journal: 113.01.01

I think that sometimes it's easy to fall into the trap of letting New Eden turn you into a pessimist. After all from the perspective of a capsuleer, it's actually quite an ugly life out here. We're all amazingly wealthy and what do we do with it? Mostly we channel it into killing each other and as many poor collaterals as possible. Our energies seem to be 98% devoted to backstabbing, scheming, paranoia, conflict, sabotage, war and vicious competition.

Then you throw in stuff like Malkalen, Yulai, Mekhios, Seyllin, the Incursions... yes, you'd be forgiven for starting to think of the world as a crapsack after a few years. So it's important to rekindle a few happy feelings now and again.

For me, the place to do that used to be at home with my family. It still is, of course... but the Homeworld has increasingly come to be my second option.

So, I took them there. Dad, Sini, Meera, Veikko, Atra, Veikko's parents... all of us in Arcurio City for the New Year party. Being little, Atra wasn't really a fan of the big explosions in the sky, but she liked the Dragon. The adults, of course, got something more out of their first every visit to the Homeworld.

I, being the incredibly handsome man that I am, attracted my fair share of New Year kisses from the ladies in the crowd. I wound up wearing more lipstick than Sinikka was, all over my cheeks. 

Dad got his fair share too, and seemed quite proud of himself. It's good to know that pushing seventy years old is no obstacle to a Civire man.

The crowd was mixed Gallente and Caldari. Nobody seemed to give a damn, or if they did they didn't outwardly show it. They were just there to have a good time, and not to worry about things like ethnicity.

I looked up, during the night. You can just about see the Titan, as a bright star.

It really is always there, reminding people of its presence. I can see how that could  be intimidating... but I was watching throughout the night, and half the time, when somebody looked at that thing... they smiled.

It was a reminder that ordinary life, for ordinary people... isn't so bad. some days, in fact, it's damn good.

Save. End.

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