Friday, 8 July 2011

Journal: YC113.07.08

A certain Doctor Hilen Tukoss has opened a channel to pick the brains of any capsuleers who feel like having their brains picked.

I turned up late to the party, but Camille happily sent me the logs of the conversation as she'd been listening in on (and, being Camille, commenting on).

The logs record a little over two hours of conversation. During which time Doctor Tukoss spoke ninety-three times and communicated... precisely nothing. no theories, no observations, no hints, not so much as a single stray opinion.

While "Speaking without communicating" is a valuable skill that any higher-up in a State corporation will have learned well, it does rather make me wonder if maybe he actually knows less than we do and is trying to get as many capsuleers as possible to share their pet theories by way of research. We're the ones who spend any time at all out there, living, working and learning after all.

Which would mean that the Megas are even more stumped than we are. Encouraging.

I found the name of the channel he created very intriguing, however. "Arek'Jaalan" which, if you cut out the Lonetrek slang and render it in proper Napaani becomes "Arekaini Jaalanat" - "To create dissidents". or maybe Arekainiku, "creating". It's hard to tell with Lonetrek "throat infection" Vernacular. 

Either way, it looks like the man's taking his defection to the Republic very seriously. And I note that nobody in the logs actually asked him the obvious question: "why?" 

I may need to correct that oversight.

Save. End.

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