Friday, 1 July 2011

Journal: 113.07.01

been doing some research into expanding my planetary leverage beyond just churning out a huge number of self-harmonizing power cores  and instead looking into maybe using those power cores to build stuff.

For reference purposes, looked at the requirements for an Infrastructure Hub and realized that I produce power cores at such a rate that I meet the requirements for a basic, unimproved blueprint's schematic once a day, and still have a surplus.

I'm thinking maybe I should look into starting a starbase construction initiative. POS towers, shipyards, Sov Blockade Units, something along those lines.

Lot of research to do. Guess I'll have Skyshatter prepped for a tour of New Eden starting Tuesday so I can do a round-trip and judge volume shifted in the four major trade hub regions, average trading price, do a cost/benefit analysis, give a business plan to Cia and see what she thinks.

After the weekend. Family time is important.

Save. End.

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