Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Journal: YC113.07.06

If Cia has a flaw, it's a tendency to hen-peck me about every last little thing that might indicate an iota of risk to my person. Unidentified vapour coming from a ceiling vent in my quarters, contact Maintenance (turned out to be water mist used to humidify the air). Spinal socket implants are itchy, call Medical. It's entirely reasonable that I'm forbidden from having a cigar while visiting her hab, there are kids living there after all, but I think I should be allowed to light up in the privacy of my own quarters without a slight note of reproach entering her voice over the comms.

I'll refrain from smoking in her actual presence I guess. If it makes her that uncomfortable. I guess she figures that just because my body is expandable doesn't mean I should be cavalier with it. I figure I'm not being cavalier, just realistic when I acknowledge that the average lifespan of my clones is measured in months, and that's a healthy life expectancy for one of a capsuleer's serial incarnations.

Of course, if I have a flaw, it's a tendency to be a little too... parental? Teacherly? I give her advice when she hasn't asked for it and quite possible doesn't need it. Sure I'd find that annoying if I was on the receiving end of it.

Easier to acknowledge and think about stopping than it is to actually stop, of course. I just hope she doesn't mind too much.

Save. End.

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