Monday, 4 July 2011

Journal: 113.07.04

I haven't found the time to sculpt anything in a few weeks now. My fingers are itching for something to do.

Something other than that Sansha armour plating though. I've worked in that enough for now. besides, it's too easy to cut my fingers on.


Query: Personal Hangar 27 contents, criteria: homogeneous transparent/semi-transparent/crystalline materials, hardness >2 Mohs, non-hazardous, volume >208mm3. Execute.


Return - Hangar contents matching search criteria as follows:

8x laser ammunition crystal, Aurora L, used.
14x laser ammunition crystal, Aurora M, used.
10x laser ammunition crystal, Gleam M, used.
1x laser ammunition crystal, True Sansha Microwave S, pristine.
6x glass bottles, Quafe Zero.
1x Current Pump, defective.
1x ship auxiliary armour plating module, crystalline carbonide, 50mm.
100,800 x industrial units refined electronics-grade silicone crystals (38,304 m3).

Return - close non-matching items as follows

11x assorted scrap metal.
3x ship main structural spars, alloyed tritanium.
630x tungsten carbide sheets.
375x standard ore measures, Omber.
310x standard ore measures, Silvery Omber.
162x standard ore measures, Golden Omber.
1x dog tags, True Sansha, Copper.
43x zydrine crystals.

...ammo crystal maybe?

Or I could actually do something artistic with those Quafe bottles. Not like I'm planning to drink that filth.

Save. End.

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