Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Security Monitoring: HDH office, YC113.03.02

<Security record: 13:43 113.03.02 (EST)>
<Venue: HDH Ltd. compound, Korama III - Moon 8 - Ishukone Corporation Factory>
<Suite: Pilot V. Hakatain office>

Speakers in order of appearance in record
<Speaker: Jasto Inkaina, HDH security>
<Speaker: Verin Hakatain, Pilot>
<Speaker: Milo Traikan, Civilian>

<Recording begins>

JI <comms>: Pilot?
VH: Go ahead.
JI: Sir, there's a gentleman in the lobby demanding to talk to your sister. Name of Traikan.
VH: I see. Escort him to my office please.
JI: Sir.

<Skip forward: 2m17s>
<Door chime>

VH: Come in.
JI: Milo Traikan to see you sir.
VH: Thanks Jasto. wait outside please.
JI: Sir.

MT: You're Meera's brother? You look old enough to be her dad.
VH: You shouldn't be here.
MT: Don't fucking presume to tell me where I shouldn't be! I'm not here to see you, asshole, I'm here to see her.
VH: And she doesn't want to see you. She's asked me to make sure that she doesn't, in fact.
MT: I have a right to talk to her.

VH: This is a Hakatain office, in the Hakatain building, owned by the Hakatain family corporation. If my sister decides she doesn't want to see you, then it's HER right to refuse.
MT: Fuck that. I wanna see her right now, and don't think just because you're her brother you can stop me.

VH: I wasn't. I'm thinking I can stop you because I earn more in five minutes than you will in a lifetime.
MT: ...the fuck's that supposed to mean?
VH: See that mirror behind me? Look at the back of my neck.

MT: Yeah, so, you're an egger. You think I'm scared?
VH: You're an inch away from pissing yourself, but covering it with bravado.  You know damn well that I could shoot you right now and get away with it. 

<VH stands and MT takes a step back>

VH: But I'm not that kind of pilot. So, let's come to an arrangement.
MT: ...arrangement?
VH: Sure. I give you.... let's say ten thousand ISK? Right here and now. You move to some other station on the opposite side of the State, and my sister never hears from you again.
MT: What's the catch?
VH: No catch, but if you break either one of those two very simple terms, I'll have you mucking out the Fedos on an Amarrian slave barge inside a week.

MT: ...Deal.
VH: Okay.

<VH punches MT in the face, hard. MT staggers across the room, face bloody>

VH: And that's for being the kind of prick who'd abandon a woman for money. 
MT: You... fuck...
VH: You'll find the money is already in your account. Jasto?

<JI opens the door>

JI: Sir?
VH: Escort this man from the building, please.
MT: I'll sue! you hear me? I'll take you for every scrip you have!
VH: Good luck with that. Jasto?
JI: Sir. This way please, Mr. Traikan.

<record ends>

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