Friday, 25 March 2011

Journal: 113.03.25

Sinikka sent me this. It's from Lady Vesta's soliloquy in "The Three Dawns".

Vilitu, hak rakkai.
Uoka hilaa muutisheno hak ukeirot.
Vilitu hui itsu kiriit raka muuti
Uka iao haki.
Haki dai iao uka.
Haki raka sho. 
Nei dotietoshi iaani uka
Rukkuya nei.

Oddly, it describes how I feel perfectly, but for very different reasons. Funny how the same words can fit almost totally opposite emotions so well.

Save. End.

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  1. Translated, the Napanii reads:

    "Sing, my most beloved,
    though your light has forever dimmed in my thoughts.
    Sing for love that has changed.
    While you forgot me, I NEVER did the same to you.
    Now, my love has died
    and I don't know how to tell you.
    Forgive me."

    I envision the story of "The Three Dawns" as being your classic theatre tragedy, like Shakespeare would have written. On the first dawn, Lord and Lady Vesta are happily married. That evening, she goes to a party while he stays at home. On the second dawn, she learns that he committed adultery while she was away, and spends the day agonising over the betrayal. On the third dawn, she prepares poisoned tea and drinks it with him, killing them both.

    For Verin of course, the emotional content is totally different, but the words still resonate.