Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Journal: 113.03.01

Plugged in today and, like usual, checked the DED Incursion report.

There were two - both in Nullsec. one in RED Alliance space, and from watching those reports they honestly don't give a damn about Incursions in their turf  - guess they view it as a free cynosural field jammer or something - and the other in Angel Cartel territory.

Which is all good of course. Shows we're doing our jobs keeping the bastards out of highsec and the lowsec colonies. But it made me wonder about the so-called "pirate" empires. the Angels, the Serpentis, the Guristas, they've all got millions or even billions of people under their flag.

Pain in the ass though they may be, I kind of feel like I should be helping them out too. Nobody deserves True Slavery.

But I wonder especially about the Guristas. They're on good terms with the Nation. Sansha even offered the Kyokonoke infection to The Rabbit, via Verone. Glad V declined to broker that transaction, seeing as there was no proof that Sansha was handing over ALL of his stockpile of the plague.

I wonder what would happen if Sansha's Nation staged an incursion in Venal? Is Kuvakei insane enough to piss off The Rabbit? Because if there's somebody I really wouldn't want being personally mad at me, it's Korako Kosakemi.

Food for thought. If it happens, I may have to talk to Verone, get his take on matters.

Save. End.

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