Friday, 18 March 2011

Journal: 112.03.18

I have to take care to stay balanced, not to focus too hard on Sansha's Nation.

What I'm doing is important. I'm saving lives, euthanizing the ones who can't be saved, making the world, by degrees, a place that people can live in without fear. The people of New Eden are wary of capsuleers, but we're their shield, their umbrella against the rain. hopefully, they'll come to see that we're not monsters - we're just very, very human.

But I'm having to make a conscious effort to avoid fixating on the fight. I spend every minute of my time in the capsule either flying to the nearest invaded constellation, or fighting to liberate it. I spend time in the labs examining Sansha nanotechnology, looking for counters to it, or at least some insight into its' creators admittable genius.

I'm in danger of becoming a different kind of slave to Sansha - one enslaved to his opposition, rather than his will.

And I'm in danger of neglecting the people I love.

...And the people I'm not sure I do love any longer.

Save. end.

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