Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Journal: 112.12.01

I think Verone just adequately demonstrated Why I never quite meshed with Veto.

I owe him, and them, a lot of course. They were the safety net that caught me from falling to... spirits know where. They gave me time to realise what was going on in my head and what I needed to do to correct the fall. But it's obvious now that as black as my mood was back then, it never quite got as... Stygian as that.

If Kuvakei took MY sister... and I refuse to think of the possibility that he might have taken Nicole without my knowledge... I would be out to destroy him so hard that the whole of New Eden would come to think of him as a bad dream they'd had. I'd make Soter and Inhonores look like kids playing at toy soldiers. and I don't think I can get even a quarter as angry as Verone can.

My temper, ultimately, is quick, cool and focused. I get mad fast, I cool down fast and if whoever pissed me off is still unharmed afterwards then they didn't actually piss me off that badly. There has only been one person who ever made me permanently angry at him, and that was a cold, slow rage that ground over him like a glacier. Big. Relentless. Chilly. And utterly, utterly impossible to stop.

I think Ethan is angry at the whole universe. I once saw him beat new graduate capsuleer to death just for delivering a message on somebody else's behalf. I think when he seems to be happy and enjoying itself, it's because he's metaphorically aiming an obscene gesture at all of creation; "I can be have a good time no matter how shit you are. FUCK YOU!"

I kinda like the man. But he scares the hell out of me.

Save. End.

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