Monday, 13 December 2010

Security Incident Report: YC112.12.13

<Security record: 16:59 112.12.13 (EST)>
<Venue: Hakatain Residence, Korama III - Moon 8 - Ishukone Corporation Factory>
<Suite: Pilot V. Hakatain personal quarters>

Speakers in order of appearance in record
<Speaker: Pilot Verin Hakatain>
<Speaker: Sinikka Hakatain>

<Recording begins 16:45 hours - Pilot Hakatain signs in to personal comms via private terminal>
<16:57 hours - Pilot Hakatain shuts off terminal>

VH: Oh, Verin, you asshole...

<Pilot Hakatain grabs whisky bottle from desk, throws it across the room. Bottle smashes>

VH: You piece of shit! 

<Pilot Hakatain picks up desk chair and uses it to damage the following objects: personal terminal, 5x art items, holoreel projector. Throws the chair at window (no damage to window).>
<Pilot proceeds to lean on desk>

VH: You piece of shit irredeemable asshole FUCKING MONSTER!! AAARGH!!!

<Scream caused by Pilot Hakatain punching surface of desk, embedding shards of broken glass in his hand.>
<Sinikka Hakatain enters room.>

SH: Verin, what...? oh space...

<S. Hakatain rushes across the room, grabs V. Hakatain's hand and examines it. V. Hakatain sinks to his knees>

VH: I did a... I'm...

<VH throws arms around his sister, sobbing uncontrollably.>
<Discretion protocols engaged. Security recording terminated>

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