Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Journal: 112.12.16

It would seem that Amieta Invelen was right about me. I was an idiot.

I've been trained in this crap for crying out loud. I sat through and paid attention at a whole load of briefings on identifying post-traumatic stress in rescued hostages. Nothing that happened during that conversation the other day was something I was unprepared for, except for the conversation itself.

And I forgot my training. I panicked, said the wrong things.

I can claim ignorance of Cia's triggers, but I can't claim ignorance of how to handle the situation.

She was also right about confrontation. You do need to confront eventually, but you don't set a man's broken leg and then chuck him straight into the aquatherapy pool the moment the cast sets. In my hull breach example, that would be like sending in the mechanics before they've got their vacuum hardsuits on and checked their equipment.

So. Bear in mind the possibility that you might be wrong.

And I was wrong. But the nice thing about being willing to acknowledge that fact is that very soon thereafter, you stop being wrong.

I think, on the basis of my conversation with Dr. Akell, that I may need to hire a therapist of my own too. Fortunately, she was kind enough to furnish me with a list of recommendations. Given how much I've come to respect her opinion on the evidence of just one conversation, I'd rate being on that list as high praise.

Save. End.

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