Saturday, 18 December 2010

Journal: 112.12.19

Sparred with Camille tonight, to see how she's progressing.

The answer? Well, she kicks like a shotgun, fights like a cornered bear and has learned the basics of Tastoitsu with almost alarming swiftness. Not to mention a number of dirty tricks. I'm covered in bruises, especially two quite nasty ones on my belly.

She also has a problem with getting mad. Apparently Amieta - Commander Invelen - has been telling her that she should "use" rage.

Dumb advice. VERY dumb advice. All getting mad does is fix your attention on one thing. You become so hyper-focused that you miss what would be obvious to somebody in a calmer frame of mind. which means you walk into traps, or get smacked upside the head by a tutor who saw your mad, angry rush coming.

I didn't hurt her at all. I don't beat up little kids, but I let her know in no uncertain terms that she couldn't beat me.

She didn't take that well. Wants to be strong enough to... I guess be her sister's protector, and won't settle for "getting better with time". She's driven, determined, and frankly very talented. She'll be a mean, down-and-dirty fighter some day. Not somebody I'd want to tangle with. She'd be even better if she kept a level head and remembered her technique.

I'd like to train her, and offered to do so but Cia... didn't seem entirely happy with that idea, so I dropped it. I'd rather she was happy and comfortable, and that she went with her instincts without prompting, rather than politely telling me she'd "think about it". If your gut's saying "no", then you should be too.

Save. End.

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