Monday, 2 May 2011

Journal: 113.05.02

So, the rear of the year voting thread got off to a dramatic start.

I'll admit, I took a certain malicious glee in disqualifying one of the Sansha pilots who had entered. I'd have quite liked to do the same to both of them, but Crucifire didn't give me an excuse to, unlike Niraia.

Her disqualification came because one of the three poses she adopted in her application image involved being shirtless and wearing only her bra, violating the rule that all contest submissions must be fully clothed images. The first rules post only explicitly mentioned trousers, the second clarified it to mean ALL clothing. I took the view that I was under no obligation to warn pilots of rules violations, and that it was their responsibility to ensure their entry was legal under the contest rules.

It seems like petulant egomania is a trait common to both Kuvakei and his followers. Niraia's response, beneath all the whining and fixation on how the first version of the rule about staying completely clothed only specifically mentioned pants, seems to boil down to "HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME?!"

The ironic thing being that if she'd taken it gracefully, I might have felt guilty. As it is, she's opened her own alternative version of the contest out of spite and has made dark hints about "consequences". She's gone into a spectacular sulk, in short. 

Funny how Sansha's Nation, an ideology that's all about surrendering of personal interest to the will of somebody else, or else having it forcibly taken by him, could attract somebody with such a wicked and easily bruised sense of pride.

Cia, bless her, thinks it's hilarious that we might potentially soon be fighting "The Battle of the Buttocks" and has given me her blessing to handle the situation as I see fit. I think her decision might be partly based on having no sympathy at all for Nation sympathizers. 

I can't blame her.

Save. End.

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