Saturday, 14 May 2011

Journal: yc113.05.14

Nation hit the Ani constellation, six jumps from Gulfonodi. Re-Aw responded with commendable enthusiasm.

For me, it was a classic example of that old adage "There's no substitute for the real thing." I'm proud to say that between the briefing and training exercises, our guys were at least prepared enough to not make any stupid mistakes, and brought along ships which were appropriately outfitted for Incursion warfare.

But when the torpedoes are slamming into your armour plating and the lives of your crew and the success of the mission hangs in the balance of everyone doing their jobs right... well, that's the real test. It's all about remembering what to do, when, and how.

I'm especially proud of Cia. She's not the coolest under fire, but I'd rather have her in my fleets than some of the gung-ho morons who were showing up and wasting lives and hardware with bad planning and worse execution. I'll take jittery competence over rock-solid stupidity every time.

Save. End.

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