Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Journal: 113.04.11

Transportation of materials, assignment of build and research orders, fine-tuning of my market activities and so on doesn't take up a lot of time. I'd estimate that I spend... oh, about an hour maybe on keeping my private empire running.

Of course, the man-hours involved in keeping that many people, ships, and facilities supplied and managed is gargantuan, but that's what being immensely wealthy is for - I pay other people to pay some other people to sort out paying all the other people. Simple.

I've not spoken to Cia in a while. She must be busy being CEOrente. I miss her cooking - Nicole could burn a glass of water. I'll drop her a mail.

...maybe I should take a second look at that offer from Re-Aw. I miss having people around the office who aren't actually my employees. Since I've taken the holdings company into space, I'll need to appoint a new CEO for HDH... Sinikka could probably do with the distraction. She's all depressed again, between her ongoing argument with Meera and her love life. She needs to bury herself in work and since the school let her go she's been at a loose end.

I'll take her to the Mind Clash tomorrow, run the idea past her. Think she could do with a brother/sister night out anyway.

... Slow week.

Save. End.

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