Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Journal: YC112.11.03

One of the strange anomalies of New Eden is how very different the reputation and reality of nullsec are.

To the uninitiated, 0.0 is a byword for vicious, expensive warfare. For rampant piracy and a haven for all things dangerous. In short, the general perception of nullsec is that it's dangerous.

I find it peaceful. There's no traders, no DED, customs or polic patrols... if there's somebody around who might be inclined to destroy my ship and ransack the wreck then they pop up in the local comms network, and in a web of intel channels. Threats are visible from a long way away and can be dealt with appropriately. 

There are still thousands of people living out here, of course. Ship crews, station staff and all those people over in Serpentis Prime. But it still feels much more isolated and lonely.

More spiritual, in a way. like I'm closer to those strange, alien spirits of space and time.

Save. End.

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