Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Journal: YC114.11.28

With Cia and Silver departed, Elayae's asked me to take over some of the jobs around Gulfonodi. I volunteered for manufacturing.

Just on the off-chance that this journal may someday be hacked and read, I won't go into details of what's in the corp hangar but... wow. Even I felt a momentary touch of avarice and temptation. It's a treasure trove in there.

And I have to comb through it looking for the stuff we can start turning a decent profit on. Omens, maybe? A lot of ships are getting overhauled soon, and the Omen's likely to see a price hike. I bet there's already a speculation climb on the graph. The Bellicose and Celestis both look good too.

longer-term, though, I think putting that advanced small shipyard to use. Interdictors, maybe. There's always going to be a demand for those.

Sure I'll think of something. It'd be helpful if Cia had left me a post-it note or something.

Save. End.

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