Monday, 19 November 2012

Journal: YC114.11.19

To buy (in standardized shipping units):

108,000x industrial-grade silicon crystals

72,000x Toxic Metals (arsenic, mercury)
72,000x Reams Industrial Fibres 
72,000x canisters Oxidizing Compound
72,000x Protein broth
72,000x Algal Biomass

36,000x Precious Metals (silver, gold)
36,000x canisters Plasmoids
36,000x canisters Electrolytes
36,000x Reactive Metals (sodium)
36,000x Chiral Structures
36,000x Biofuel drums
36,000x Bacterial cultures (Escherichia Coli)

18,000x drums de-ionized water

And six barren dirtball planets to throw it all together on so any industrial accidents that may result from this lot won't kill a load of people and ruin the local ecosystem. 

I am a capsuleer, and I am officially crazy.

Save. End.

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