Thursday, 22 November 2012

Journal: YC114.11.22

Bunch of FedNav capsuleers in the Summit today. Not freelancers who affiliate with FedNav, I mean actual officers from Tripwire. Three of them, though I only saw two.

Spoke for a while with a rear admiral Auvier Bauvon. Seems like a good man - thoughtful, career officer.

Apparently his son served aboard the FNS Wandering Saint.

If I'd had to endure the kind of reception he got from the freelancers in the channel, especially some of these puffed-up rookies who think the fact they're immortal now divorces them from any obligation towards treating other people in any kind of a positive way...

Don't know how he did it. Especially not with people prodding him about what must have been a very painful memory every two minutes.

He highlighted an area of my quest to understand the peoples of New Eden that I hadn't explored though - ethnically Caldari people born and raised in, and loyal to, the Federation. Apparently Admiral Bauvon is married to a Civire man these days.

I've got a long time to live. It's encouraging that there's so much richness of experience out there to sample. No matter how long I live, I'll never run out of perspectives to try and understand.

I hope I'll get to chat with him again.

Save. End.

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