Monday, 19 December 2011

Journal: YC113.12.19

Nicole isn't on Saisio.

Neither is her father.

In fact, neither is their house. 

Just bare stone foundations where a five-hundred-year-old Achuran mansion of traditional construction used to stand.

And their mailbox. Left open so I could see the letter inside.

Just an envelope addressed to "Rakkai". The rain had got in and smeared the ink a little.

And inside that... her ring.

What kills me is that I don't even know if that's how she'd do it or not. If that's the way a marriage by appointment would end. With no explanation, no argument, no turmoil... just a single, sad, wet, written word read by moonlight and sealed with a lipstick kiss.

No. I don't believe it.

Save. End.

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