Sunday, 4 December 2011

Journal: 113.12.4

Sinikka's finally off to nullsec. My Shenane, the big bad alliance combat pilot.

Meera has been especially unbearable. She feels abandoned, I think. Never mind that as infomorphs both Sinikka and I can be home in minutes if we're needed. Her brother and sister are off in far-flung, foreign corners of New Eden doing capsuleer things and not being her family.

A large part of me is finding her very annoying indeed right now... but another part of me knows now exactly where she's coming from. Now I feel like I've been left behind, and I don't much like it.

So I wrote a prayer today. I don't do that often, it's important to only pray when it really matters.

Spirits of creation, ancestors of my lineage, I am far from home.
I am far from my people and my family, and they are far from me.
Grant me the perspective to see how close my loved ones are, 
even when they are far away.
Please give me the patience to savor the anticipation of our reunion,
and the wisdom to not forget those who are close at hand.
And bless those I miss,
with the same qualities that I pray for myself.

Save. End.

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