Saturday, 25 June 2011

Journal: YC113.06.26

Somebody turned up in my Gulfonodi hangar. Crushed by one of the cargo drones. From what I understand station medical have given up on the victim's legs, and think they have a 50% shot of saving the damaged arm. I've already informed them that I'll be picking up all medical expenses incurred up to and including full cellular regeneration and limb cloning.

I'm launching a review. There shouldn't have been anyone in there, it's full of ammunition and hazardous industrial materials, not to mention ten-ton cargo drones moving stuff around without any safety systems in place. The whole thing should be locked down and empty.

But the first impressions I'm getting suggest that our victim wasn't alone in there. Which means that somebody on my staff is going to be standing in front of my desk very soon, facing a lot of very cutting questions.

Questions like "Why the bloody hell weren't you doing your damn job?"

Save. End.

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