Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Journal: YC113.06.28

The report on the incident involving my Amarrian "guests" has raised more questions than it answers.

item one:  psych profiling and hiring standards mean that none of the people in a position to grant them admittance to the hangar would do so with intent to cause them harm. Some of the staff are former slaves and as such thoroughly opposed to Amarr (the religion), but all of them are level-headed enough not to go throwing somebody into a meat grinder just for their beliefs.

Item two: No exploitable security hole has been found by the investigation team. And if the investigators didn't find one, then there almost certainly isn't one and even if there were, something evading the ability of a team of security consultants to detect would be leagues beyond anything a random batch of civilians could take advantage of.

Item three: the incident took place during a scheduled five-day inspection of the tri-skin bulkhead welds, the only occasion when the hangar is pressurised, as scheduled by station engineering and liaised with my quartermaster and executive officer. all above board and correct.

In light of the above, therefore, it is the considered opinion of the report that the pilgrims were allowed access to the hangar without intent to cause them harm, and that a minimum of four security personnel were involved in granting said permission. This despite the training all the guards receive to highlight the exact lethal dangers of the hangar facility and why letting anybody in while it's in use is a Bad Idea.

None of which makes any sense.

It makes even less sense when I came to deposit three hundred and fifty thousand cubic meters of freighter cargo this evening, and was promptly stopped from doing so by the newly-installed safety overrides.

Turns out the twelve pilgrims who were sufficiently well to leave medical today went straight back there. They became violent when I had them removed. Spast, it's almost like they WANT to get killed.

Or like there's something in there they value more than their own lives.


Save. End.

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