Monday, 24 June 2013

Journal: YC115.06.24

I called Avlænkaa. A little Shamanic advice, outside perspective. The whole parallax thing.

It's so simple, in the end. You can base your actions on probable future outcomes all you like, but the fact is that a death now is real, and a hundred thousand deaths in the future are purely hypothetical.

Likely as those deaths may be, I can't be judge, jury and executioner, especially not for potential crimes. So far, Kim has been a soldier, killing soldiers, and that's... well, killing and dying is what soldiers do. But I can't execute her for killing civilians unless and until she actually has.

Jump that gate when we land on it. Besides, she's Empyrean. I'm pretty sure merely beheading her wouldn't actually have achieved anything, and it would have given me some serious PR problems.

Even if I could take into account hypothetical lives lost, I also have to weigh them against hypothetical lives saved by my own actions, and my own actions are facilitated by my reputation. I don't know how large or small that number may be, I'm ignorant of too many variables.

So the only reasonable course of action is inaction, a stayed hand. Drop the sword. It was difficult, though.

Kim's wrong. I did the strong thing.

I do need to meditate on the way my instincts served me better than my reason, however. There is a lesson to be learned from that.

Save. End.

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