Friday, 7 June 2013

Journal: YC115.06.07

New survey sensor updates hit the market, covered by the pod license for universal installation. Seems like everybody's got the bug for poking around lowsec in search of valuable stuff. So, I put in a call to the Jockey, who updated BLACKWALL for me in exchange for first pick of any interesting data I dug up with it. Figured if I was going to join in I should have a damn good intrusion tool in my arsenal.

Mostly decryption algorithms so far, but Bobromis and I went on a roam on Thursday night, found ourselves a derelict colony ship the Angels had stashed an experimental rig blueprint in. And made the mistake of continuing our search for treasure in Egbinger rather than banking it at a station. We got ambushed, Bob's anathema got popped and the guys who hit us got the blueprint.

Oh well. Easy come, easy go. At least we've learned a lesson, and there's definitely more big scores out there. Ran into a pilot called Raziphan Rebular tonight, who'd found an advanced capital rig blueprint in his search, the lucky bastard. It's steady if small cash with the occasional big paydata jackpot and having to dodge other pilots is definitely more entertaining than sitting in a station watching ships assemble themselves and listening to the assorted ramblings on the Summit, and I've found some genuinely interesting - and beautiful - things this week.

Having the right tools help.

What else? Where to begin? I'm suspicious that Desiderya wasn't entirely forthcoming about Pyre's motive for operating in the Minmatar warzones. They seem to have adopted a quite fervently pro-Amarr, even pro-slavery attitude in discussion. Nobody's seen Pieter in a while either and rumour is the last time he showed up he was covered in bruises. Considering that he's got a subdermal carapace, that's a troubling rumour.

Aato and Big Fisk got the new DUST implants. Their first assignment was a babysitting job, though. the news about Admiral Yanala being forced into the Tea Maker Ceremony seemed to have something of an adverse effect on Diana Kim. I found her half bled-out in her quarters having patched herself up with shirt bandages and towels. Somebody took a knife to her in a big way. I don't know whether the fact none of her important organs or major blood vessels were damaged was because of good fortune, or because her attacker had a surgical knowledge of anatomy and didn't actually want to kill her. Either way, I had to use a triple dose of the Zainou deep site trauma nanites to repair the gash in her thigh. She doesn't know how close she came to losing the use of that leg. Not that it'd matter much to a capsuleer.

She's lucky I heard the rumours and decided to check them out. Even without the blood loss she was in serious danger of sepsis. Patched her up and posted guards on the door to ward off any further harm for a couple of days. It seems to have worked, though she's been acting.... strangely positive towards me ever since. Hamish Grayson sent me a bottle of spiced wine as a thank you for intervening, which was nice. After all the bickering with Pyre, it's been nice to see Caldari looking out for one another, even when we disagree.

After the revelations about Yanala broke and he was damn near rioted off stage, Heth and the CPD leadership have gone dark. No sign of them. I've moved the Arcurio Scar up to the Forge and installed a jump clone.

Oh, and my bounty is now in excess of three and a half billion ISK. Guess I must be doing something right.

Save. End.

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