Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Journal: YC115.02.19

In about two months' time, I will have been with ReAw for two years. That's two years living and operating in the Minmatar Republic, just... watching. And learning.

That's a quarter of my career as a pilot. I've never spent this long living anywhere that wasn't the State.

I'm back in Korama right now. Even... insulated as a capsuleer can be,it's impossible to miss the tension that's thrumming around here. If the State was a person, her palms would be sweaty, her lips dry, her weight shifted to the balls of her feet, her eyes wide and alert, her pulse raised and the ghost of future adrenaline just giving the world that extra gloss.

I hope this is the tipping point. I really do. Because what have we become if we can be pushed this far, and we still don't push back?

Save. End.

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