Monday, 11 February 2013

Journal: YC115.02.11

What a weekend.

Saturday afternoon, we got an anonymous tip-off that there was an imminent attack on our starbase tower in W-space, "New Egbinger Station".

Being rusty at this whole diplomacy thing, I went ahead and contacted a diplomatic officer for the alliance this tip-off was about before we'd finished getting the tower up-gunned and ready to fight off an assault. Realising they'd had a leak, they promptly attacked, in force.

I spent three hours stalling them with offers to pay a ransom and pull out while we hastily hired NOIR. Who, it has to be said, were amazing. Within half an hour of being hired the hostile force was scattered and in full retreat, they paid us an Orca for the privilege of being allowed to leave, and NOIR incinerated their tower behind them. Money very well spent I'd say, and very affordable too. Give it a month, it'll be a barely perceptible blip on our income graphic.

Yoday deserves credit for running the static to bring them in. High-risk scouting, and he deservedly earned a medal for it.

Repairing the incapacitated guns and EW batteries was a much bigger job. Apparently none of the wormholes connecting to NE are big enough to accept a carrier, so we had to do it the slow way, with Guardians.

Too bad we forgot to have a scout watching the system wormholes. About fifteen hours into the repair op, we got hit by eleven strategic cruisers.

Some people think "NBSI" means "HURR MURR DURR MAKE DA SHINY AXESPLOSIONS!!!" I guess. Any fleet I was in charge of wouldn't view three logistics cruisers as a target unless they were doing something strategically or tactically threatening. I guess other corporations feel differently on the subject.

Well, if they're so insecure that they think of three unarmed vessels as being good prey, I feel sorry for them. No skill, no perspective, no self-esteem, clearly.

I got my pod out and I'm back in the State now. Very few crew losses - I hit the abandon alarm the second I saw hostiles on grid. Even with a fairly green crew, that alone saved a lot of bereavement letters. The survivors are back in ReAw hands, very few quitters.

Could have been much worse than it was. Stupid of us not to watch the inlets, though. That's a rookie mistake, and we need to make sure it's remembered and learned from. you can't rely on the D-scan alone.

Save. End.

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