Monday, 24 February 2014

Journal: YC116.02.24

As ways to acquire a Tengu go, liberating it from the wreckage of an abandoned POS deep in W-space has to rank among the very best.

All those shiny modules had to go of course. Core 100MN afterburner and Pithi this and Dread Guristas that and True Sansha the other. All stripped out and sold, floated on the market in Amarr for whoever's got the disposable income and cognitive impairment to want them. Pity it all went into the corp wallet rather than mine.

Honestly, who leaves a strategic cruiser with more than a billion ISK of modules on it languishing at some fuel-empty dead stick in phase three space? And that's just my claim from the whole op. The corp made out like bandits.

I've called her the "Heathen", and I am thoroughly looking forward to flying her into battle. Sure, she'll pop eventually, but that's got to be a more noble end for a warship like this than gathering dust in some forgotten Ship Maintenance Array.

Save. End.

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