Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Journal: YC115.03.27

The Federation hit Caldari Prime. Hard. Destroyed the Shiigeru. There's a million square kilometer network of burning craters down there from where it landed in the southern Kaalakiotas.

I don't really need to write anything about it down. I doubt I'll forget the events of this last week even if I live to be a million years old.

I'd like to do for Home what I did for Malkalen. A memorial wall. Except the death toll runs to... tens of millions. More names than you could realistically fit on a monument of any reasonable size, even if you did know every single one which is basically impossible all by itself.

I truly believe that the right words can express an appropriate reaction but... for now, I just don't know. The sheer scale of it is hard enough to wrap your head around, let alone articulate. Words fail...

...hmm. Save. End.

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