Monday, 8 October 2012

Journal: YC114.10.08

I think Atkio Vanamoinen forgets sometimes that what is an incredible amount of money even for a well-funded megacorporate research program, is actually a relatively trivial amount of money for an established, experienced capsuleer.

Schere's suffered some kind of an implant malfunction.

Five hundred million. To help her out of it.

I think it stunned him that I was able to produce that much within an afternoon of him telling me how much they were applying to Caldari Funds Unlimited for. He's put me on the books as an angel investor. Hell, he's even negotiated with the Lai Dai board for a 10% monthly compound ROI.

So, I'm going to wind up profiting from helping a.... friend.

How Caldari of me.

Save. End.

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