Thursday, 5 April 2012

Journal: 114.04.05

For a long time now, I've wondered why anybody would willingly follow Sansha Kuvakei.

I mean, it seems so obvious. The man uses technology to enslave, crushes the human spirit under his heel, kills diversity and basically anathema to everything that makes the human spirit strong. He's pure refined evil as far as I'm concerned, and I don't otherwise believe that there's such a thing as "evil".

But when you're looking at a modular fullerene-based nanomachine composed of thirteen nano-subsystems where every possible combination is valid and produces a different mechanical function for that nanite, which uses purely electromechanical processes for its operational functions and so reserves all of its on-board computing for swarm tracking and co-ordination...

Hijacking the brain stem of an unfortunate victim and driving them up the ramp of a dropship would be trivial for these things. The man who designed them has re-written my private definition of the word "genius" a few times.

If nothing else, Kuvakei is unbelievably, brilliantly intelligent. and I guess I can start to see where his followers are coming from - it must be nice to know for an absolute fact that the man making the decisions is demonstrably and undeniably so much more intelligent than you are.

Intelligent, but not clever. Because while he's got the intelligence to create something like this, he lacks the creativity to achieve its actual potential. The possible applications for this technology are.... well, it would be shorter to list the things it can't do.

But he uses them as an easy way to acquire slaves. Which is so... so blind, so short-sighted, so stupid that I have trouble understanding how it could possibly be the same person. These nanites could forward human technology even beyond where the Sleepers have boosted us to damn near overnight, but he uses them to acquire slaves? I'm looking at possibly the most powerful tool to better our species I've ever seen, but it's being used in the most primitive of ways! Why?!

The answer of course, is simple. He honestly does believe that he's improving the human race through True Slavery. Because he's insane.

Utterly, utterly brilliant, but totally insane.

Save. End.

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