Sunday, 5 February 2012

Journal: 114.02.05

The older I get as a capsuleer, the less often I fly.

I don't NEED to. With hundreds of millions of ISK to my name in liquid capital alone, and billions-worth of ships in the hangar, I've got all the venture capital a man could ever need.

After all, what can you do in a ship? You can mine - which as far as I'm concerned is a mind-numbingly slow trickle of cash that I only do when the corp needs the minerals. You can fight - putting assets on the line often for no good reason other than to protect lowsec shipping lanes that ReAw, on the whole, don't use. Or you can haul.

That one, at least, has a good price tag attached to it. If I'm in a badger, I'm making money.

What's nice is having the options. Whatever need may arise, I've got the skills to handle it, and often the ship as well.

There's only one thing I can't do yet - dreadnoughts. Time to fix that, I think.

Save. End.

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